I live and work in Suffolk, a place well known for its big skies, and for it's landscape of wild and windswept coasts and marshlands.

My work is about colour, energy and movement.
I like my paintings to tell a story, but at the same time leave space for the viewer's own imagination.
Artistic influences include Turner, Howard Hodgkin and artists from the St Ives school of painters.

I see myself as an artist and a craftsman. I initially trained at Lowestoft Art School, and have worked as a potter and as a carpenter, as well as a painter.

Commissions include:

Design and make oak furniture for Jasper Conran for the grounds of his home at Flemings Hall, Suffolk.

Design and make pottery for the restaurant 'Food for Thought' in Covent Garden, London.

A series of paintings for the new Marie Curie hospice building that opened in Hampstead, North London, in 2009.
paintings for new marie curie hospice building